Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beyond Neverland...

Well, except that I just posted one.. That one doesn't really count as it has been sitting unfinished for 2 years.  Not sure it really is finished now.  However thought I should put it up anyways.

  The lastest Blog was a push and an inspiration.  I was chatting with my friend Mrs. A. and she suggested that I keep writing, I am good at it.  Not sure if that part is true but okay.  Driving to work though I was inspired by memories of a trip to Disney our Family took many years ago.
  Interesting that the thing that drives this isn't the memory so much of Disney land.  It was fun.  Hope to do it again!  It is the food experience, more than the actual food that pushes the fingers to the keyboard.  The trip itself was fantastic.  From BC to Utah, Las Vegas over to Disneyland up to San Fran before returning home.  Hours of planning, many more driving, secrets from the children, they had no idea we where going to Disney.  They thought the highlight was going to be seeing the pirate ships at Ti in Vegas.
  We finally arrive in Anaheim after many hours on the road, surprising a great road trip where all the kids got along with very little complaining. Three great days touring the magical land but alas the kidlets had to much.

 To much Food.  To much Sun. To much Fun!

  Mrs McDonald and I decided that well, we are going to explore Disney at night with out them.  Our 16 year old niece offered to a babysit,oh yeah she was along as well.  So we wondered off in search of adventure and T-shirts!
  We rode the rides that all adults secretly want to ride.  Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh... You get the idea.  Hunger starts to set in.  Do we purchase one of the wonderful yet expensive Disney Burgers or do we search out some of the other meal options that Disney has to offer.  Those reading this might pause and think Disney has more!  YES!  We stumbled across a little bistro in the French Quarter called the Blue Bayou.  A lovely sit down french restaurant on the banks of the "Pirates of the Caribbean"  river.  It sits just before the ride really takes off.  You can't see the restaurant from ride nor the the ride from the restaurant.  The food was amazing as I recall.  It has been about 6 years so you will have to forgive me if I don't remember what it was we had.  I do remember and incredible Creme de Brule sharible.  Three different varieties with a eye popping presentation.  The entree I remember most though was one we never had.  Yet I vividly remember the details as if I had.  As a matter of fact the meal was eaten in place I have yet to visit.  It is a memory of the best steak I have never eaten in a place I have never been.

  Our server, a young cast member of the Disney world.  Recounted his only visit to Canada for us.  And yet He has never been to Canada.  High on Drugs you say!?  Nope!  He worked at Disney World before moving to California and described in such amazing detail one of his many visits to the Canadian pavilion at Epcot Center in Disney world.  I just hope I describe the imagery as well as He did to put this in my head.

As you enter the pavilion you enter this 4D  exploration of Canada.  The sights, sounds, smells and movements of Canada.  You stand in this large darkened room with a big screen in front of you.  There is these waist high banisters to lean on while you watch a movie of Canada from coast to coast to coast.  Over the Pacific ocean, The Rockies with all the beauty, Alberta and its rolling foothills, Saskatchewan and its rolling wheat fields, Manitoba and whatever they have. On to Ontario.  Over Cottage Country, Fly over Ottawa on Canada Day.  Down over the the rivers feeding the Mighty Niagra.  The camera takes over the falls with the mist and power.  Well remember those banisters that I mentioned.  Well your not supposed to sit on them but people do.  It's at this point that Disney polite ejects you from them.  You see it's at this point you are well entranced in the grace and the movement of flight.  So when the camera goes over the edge of the falls.  If you chose to ignore the signs of the banisters, so do you.  As you lunge forward over the falls, your body can't help but enhance the experience for you.  His story was priceless.  He recounted this all so he good describe the best steak He had ever had in all of His life.  After experiencing all the sights that Canada offers in ten short minutes He was exposed to all of the smells a great Canadian kitchen has to offer.  One of which is Alberta grass fed Angus.  MMMMM.  The way he described this meal had our mouth watering and wanting more.  It was incredible.  I know some of my followers don't eat meat so imagine the best grass fed grass you have ever eaten!  Certified Angus Grass!
  We left the Blue Bayou just in time to catch the end of the Malicifant and Mickey Water show.  We strolled through the shops in search of T-shirts and stuff for the kids.  But the visit to the this little hidden gem of Disney Land is the one take away that stays forever in my mind.  Well that and riding on the Winnie the pooh ride.

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