Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live in Venezuela

  Live in Venezuela

  Well, being my fourth in the series of my Blogs, I sometimes wonder who is viewing me and why.  Do I have something interesting to say or by shear luck people stumble across my ranting and ramblings.

  Part Four is more of the same.  A little about "Following Mrs. McDonald" and more on food.  Since my blog was recently viewed in Venezuela I will talk about the best Hot Dog I ever had.

  Mrs. McDonald has finished her ... Um Blog, well not sure if you could call it a blog, but as she says it's blog like.  I have read it, it's more paper like than blog like.  It is after all for her English class.  It is neat reading about and learning more about Terry Fox.  If she ever posts it I will for sure attach the link.  After all I am sure that's why 52 people world wide are reading.  She has great insight, awsome interviews and amazing pictures.  However still not yet officially a blog.  She laughs at me for posting this little insight into my observations about her educational travels. However it is that, insight.  At least she knows I am paying attention and in a wierd way she knows I am proud of her.


  Recently I had the opportunity to quickly travel to Colombia as part of my awsome job that allows me to travel the world.  I flew there to board a ship and sail to Florida.  I find the work part of my world inconsequential to my blog to talk about what I do so that's the end of that.  Anyways I was in Cartagena, Colombia at the same time the Summit of the Americas was on.  President Obama, Prime Minister Harper and other Americas world leaders were in town, basically shutting all the fun stuff down.  All the Bars, Clubs and Casinos were forced to close so what I was hoping would be a really fun pit stop turned out to be a really really quite city.  So we checked into our security heavy hotel, crawling with Colombian police, RCMP and Men in suits with ear pieces we were getting very hungry.  We asked the front desk and a couple of the local police where to eat.  The pointed out a place across the street called Harveys.  So we wondered across the street noticed they had beer so hey we were in.  Looking at the menu, the pictures anyway, I decided on the Hot Dog.  Glad I did, this thing was amazing.  For those who have every had the A&W Whistle Dog, imagine that but 100 times better.  The hot dog, Perros Calientes, is cooked on an outside grill served on  huge bun with lettuce, cheese, pink sauce, bacon and MORE CHEESE!   Man it was soooo good.  I cannot describe to you how good it was.  However, between the ambiance of  sitting on a patio at 2 am in 20 degree weather, 68 F for my American readers, with a bunch of cheap beers it was pretty blissful.  I am hoping to one to head back to Colombia just for the hot dog.  As a side note, we stayed in the same hotel as  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, so you know the digs were swanky.

Man I so have to start adding pictures to this blog thing!  Oooh look a pic ;)

Perros calientes

Friday, May 25, 2012

In Russia Blog Reads YOU!

Numba 3 in the series of Blogs following the Blog of Mrs. McDonald.  Before I started on this chapter of the blog I noticed that I have gone global, my blog was read in Russia.  So I have gone world wide!  Take that Pitbull!  I am now Mr. Worldwide!

Mrs. McDonald is sitting across from me staring at her laptop as if the balance of world powers lie in her finishing her first blog.
To quote her "F&#K OFF!!!"

As well I have the tall one behind me yattering on about something to do with Sleep, Russia, zombies and blogs.  Not sure if Zombies write blogs and what they write about but I am sure to follow along.  If not for me but for my friend LifeCoach T.

Well I have been told that formatting isn't everything but it is.  Whatever that might mean.  When I get the chance I am going to start posting pics of the blog process and places I have been.

Now part 2 of the Blog Process

In my current job, I get to travel the world a whole lot.  Germany, Alaska, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Bahamas etc.  One of the perks of this traveling is I LOVE FOOD!  Hamburg Germany was a gastro flashback for me.  Having spent four years of my youth in Germany, most of the food wasn't foreign to me.  One of my favourite places to visit is Luculles on the Reeperbahn.  What a great place to go for brats, currywurst or frigadela after touring the Reeperbahn and sampling Applecorn and local beers.  If you ever go to Hamburg check out this street.  Originally made famous for the Beetles and the start of there career it is now more known for the redlight district that populates the surrounding area.  So if in Hamburg, you will undoubtedly come across the redlight district and Luculles.  Oh and Hookers.  LOTS and LOTS of Hookers.  Not to worry though they speak English and let every one of their co-workers know it.  Not that this has anything to do with the food, just trying to paint the picture for you.  Well I guess that is the first of the Food installments.  Don't want to spoil your dinner to much

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Too...

  As it turns out blathering on and on is something not every one can do.  Mrs. McDonald has writters block on her blog while I could just yammer on about any topic.

  Lately my thoughts have been consumed with what I would do with 50 Million Dollars.  The big Lotto Max Jackpot has hit the ceiling once again and I have what I believe is the wining ticket.  I have mulled over the outcome for years, what I would do with my new windfall.

  Well Mrs. McDonald has suggested a few things to me.  By that I mean she is pretty much telling me what to do with it.  2 Million would automatically go to the kids education fund.  I suppose 1 Million would go to Mrs. McDonald's Education fund as well.  Lets face it, she isn't going to stop at a Bachelors Degree.  She wants more letters than that.  SO 47 Million to go.
  The house of my day dreams would probably take up a few pennys out of the pot.  The four story house with the water slide from the master bedroom to the basement bar, pure awsome!  A basement that would recreate every one of our favourite bars.  Over the years there has been more than a few.  The Five car Garage with man cave middle bay.  I saw that on TV and really thought it cool, so four car Garage and bar in the middle bay, big screen comfy couch, black and white wood floor, pole, Beer Fridge and a big screen.  Surrounded by my four flash dream rides.  The rest of the house would just be standard wizard.  Big Kitchen and dining room.  Lots of bedrooms, offices and large common room for entertaining.

  Of course the uber back yard would probably get us on some kind of crazy tv show about cooking and entertaining.  The pool, indoor / outdoor, hot tubs and the BBQ Cooking platform.  I love to cook and really love to cook outdoors.  So party at my house.  Well when I am rich of course.  The pool area would have a rocky playboy mansion feel, why not I am rich.  The back half of the property would be the money maker.  It would have my executive team making facility.  Life Coaching, team building etc.  Focus the whole thing on Airsoft.

And Cars Cars Cars

Well an Austin Mini for Mrs. McDonald, A HUGE SUV for family travel, tune up the FJ and give him a lift and a date car.  The date car will require some shopping.  Something FLASH!

Oh well that's it for daydreams right now.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Blog entry

Rather fun world this blogging thing.

This Blog is a reply, rebuttle or perhaps a response to Mrs. McDonald's Blog.  She started a blog as part of her English 400 course.

  She had to do a blog like report on Terry Fox.  As such she chose to drive down to BC Place in Vancouver and take pictures of Terry Fox Plaza.   So this is my blog following her blog.  A journal perhaps of a husband who follows his wife's entry into the world of web journalism and her university career.  I suppose it will be reviewed and ranked and critiqued but it will still be fun.

  So today, May 13 2012, was Mothers day.  We started the day with a wonderfully created breakfast in bed for Super Woman, here in known as Mrs. McDonald.  Eggs Benny, fresh fruit cocktail, grilled asparagus and fresh ground coffee.  Not a bad meal to start a glorious sunny west coast morning.  After a great breakfast a snuggle with our boys and a few odds and ends around the house we drove off to Vancouver to start her on journey.  Well okay first we stopped at Models Express to look at pretty shoes, a favourite pastime of our super hero.
  Then off to BC Place.  The goal of the day was to interview people on their knowledge of Terry Fox.  Who he was and what makes him a Canadian hero and icon.  After a Indy style race around BC Place in search of a washroom and walk around the new and improved arena, we came up to the tribute to Terry.  Four Bronze statues showing the unique running stance of Terry Fox.  With my Camera in hand I started snapping pictures of all angles of the monument.  While Mrs. McDonald sought out people to question and interview.  A rather neat experience that morphed itself into my very own Terry Fox experience.  She asked questions from afar and I tried to capture the moment on SD Card.  As she approached and interviewed a neat thing started to happen.  She would as them questions, of which the unsuspecting interviewees answered and she would move on like a woman on a mission, which if you know Mrs. McDonald you can picture.  The then finished with subject would then move over to the large wall with the brief history of Terry Fox and read and reflect.  Four interviews same four results.  When she was done her interviews we got together and compared notes as it were of our experience.  The interviews ended up representing a segment of the world population as a whole. The youth of Canada, the worldliness of international tourism.  A woman from the UK, Two young boys from Alberta, A man from Toronto and a Lady from Germany.  All knew of Terry and all had a reflection of his contribution.
  I guess we will see were her blog assignment will take us but so far it took us to Vancouver and started a dialogue about a Canadian who wanted to raise money to fight a disease and became an International symbol for the fight against cancer.