Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live in Venezuela

  Live in Venezuela

  Well, being my fourth in the series of my Blogs, I sometimes wonder who is viewing me and why.  Do I have something interesting to say or by shear luck people stumble across my ranting and ramblings.

  Part Four is more of the same.  A little about "Following Mrs. McDonald" and more on food.  Since my blog was recently viewed in Venezuela I will talk about the best Hot Dog I ever had.

  Mrs. McDonald has finished her ... Um Blog, well not sure if you could call it a blog, but as she says it's blog like.  I have read it, it's more paper like than blog like.  It is after all for her English class.  It is neat reading about and learning more about Terry Fox.  If she ever posts it I will for sure attach the link.  After all I am sure that's why 52 people world wide are reading.  She has great insight, awsome interviews and amazing pictures.  However still not yet officially a blog.  She laughs at me for posting this little insight into my observations about her educational travels. However it is that, insight.  At least she knows I am paying attention and in a wierd way she knows I am proud of her.


  Recently I had the opportunity to quickly travel to Colombia as part of my awsome job that allows me to travel the world.  I flew there to board a ship and sail to Florida.  I find the work part of my world inconsequential to my blog to talk about what I do so that's the end of that.  Anyways I was in Cartagena, Colombia at the same time the Summit of the Americas was on.  President Obama, Prime Minister Harper and other Americas world leaders were in town, basically shutting all the fun stuff down.  All the Bars, Clubs and Casinos were forced to close so what I was hoping would be a really fun pit stop turned out to be a really really quite city.  So we checked into our security heavy hotel, crawling with Colombian police, RCMP and Men in suits with ear pieces we were getting very hungry.  We asked the front desk and a couple of the local police where to eat.  The pointed out a place across the street called Harveys.  So we wondered across the street noticed they had beer so hey we were in.  Looking at the menu, the pictures anyway, I decided on the Hot Dog.  Glad I did, this thing was amazing.  For those who have every had the A&W Whistle Dog, imagine that but 100 times better.  The hot dog, Perros Calientes, is cooked on an outside grill served on  huge bun with lettuce, cheese, pink sauce, bacon and MORE CHEESE!   Man it was soooo good.  I cannot describe to you how good it was.  However, between the ambiance of  sitting on a patio at 2 am in 20 degree weather, 68 F for my American readers, with a bunch of cheap beers it was pretty blissful.  I am hoping to one to head back to Colombia just for the hot dog.  As a side note, we stayed in the same hotel as  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, so you know the digs were swanky.

Man I so have to start adding pictures to this blog thing!  Oooh look a pic ;)

Perros calientes

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  1. haha, I've had a whistle dog! They are good.
    I'm hungry...