Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Too...

  As it turns out blathering on and on is something not every one can do.  Mrs. McDonald has writters block on her blog while I could just yammer on about any topic.

  Lately my thoughts have been consumed with what I would do with 50 Million Dollars.  The big Lotto Max Jackpot has hit the ceiling once again and I have what I believe is the wining ticket.  I have mulled over the outcome for years, what I would do with my new windfall.

  Well Mrs. McDonald has suggested a few things to me.  By that I mean she is pretty much telling me what to do with it.  2 Million would automatically go to the kids education fund.  I suppose 1 Million would go to Mrs. McDonald's Education fund as well.  Lets face it, she isn't going to stop at a Bachelors Degree.  She wants more letters than that.  SO 47 Million to go.
  The house of my day dreams would probably take up a few pennys out of the pot.  The four story house with the water slide from the master bedroom to the basement bar, pure awsome!  A basement that would recreate every one of our favourite bars.  Over the years there has been more than a few.  The Five car Garage with man cave middle bay.  I saw that on TV and really thought it cool, so four car Garage and bar in the middle bay, big screen comfy couch, black and white wood floor, pole, Beer Fridge and a big screen.  Surrounded by my four flash dream rides.  The rest of the house would just be standard wizard.  Big Kitchen and dining room.  Lots of bedrooms, offices and large common room for entertaining.

  Of course the uber back yard would probably get us on some kind of crazy tv show about cooking and entertaining.  The pool, indoor / outdoor, hot tubs and the BBQ Cooking platform.  I love to cook and really love to cook outdoors.  So party at my house.  Well when I am rich of course.  The pool area would have a rocky playboy mansion feel, why not I am rich.  The back half of the property would be the money maker.  It would have my executive team making facility.  Life Coaching, team building etc.  Focus the whole thing on Airsoft.

And Cars Cars Cars

Well an Austin Mini for Mrs. McDonald, A HUGE SUV for family travel, tune up the FJ and give him a lift and a date car.  The date car will require some shopping.  Something FLASH!

Oh well that's it for daydreams right now.


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