Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Blog entry

Rather fun world this blogging thing.

This Blog is a reply, rebuttle or perhaps a response to Mrs. McDonald's Blog.  She started a blog as part of her English 400 course.

  She had to do a blog like report on Terry Fox.  As such she chose to drive down to BC Place in Vancouver and take pictures of Terry Fox Plaza.   So this is my blog following her blog.  A journal perhaps of a husband who follows his wife's entry into the world of web journalism and her university career.  I suppose it will be reviewed and ranked and critiqued but it will still be fun.

  So today, May 13 2012, was Mothers day.  We started the day with a wonderfully created breakfast in bed for Super Woman, here in known as Mrs. McDonald.  Eggs Benny, fresh fruit cocktail, grilled asparagus and fresh ground coffee.  Not a bad meal to start a glorious sunny west coast morning.  After a great breakfast a snuggle with our boys and a few odds and ends around the house we drove off to Vancouver to start her on journey.  Well okay first we stopped at Models Express to look at pretty shoes, a favourite pastime of our super hero.
  Then off to BC Place.  The goal of the day was to interview people on their knowledge of Terry Fox.  Who he was and what makes him a Canadian hero and icon.  After a Indy style race around BC Place in search of a washroom and walk around the new and improved arena, we came up to the tribute to Terry.  Four Bronze statues showing the unique running stance of Terry Fox.  With my Camera in hand I started snapping pictures of all angles of the monument.  While Mrs. McDonald sought out people to question and interview.  A rather neat experience that morphed itself into my very own Terry Fox experience.  She asked questions from afar and I tried to capture the moment on SD Card.  As she approached and interviewed a neat thing started to happen.  She would as them questions, of which the unsuspecting interviewees answered and she would move on like a woman on a mission, which if you know Mrs. McDonald you can picture.  The then finished with subject would then move over to the large wall with the brief history of Terry Fox and read and reflect.  Four interviews same four results.  When she was done her interviews we got together and compared notes as it were of our experience.  The interviews ended up representing a segment of the world population as a whole. The youth of Canada, the worldliness of international tourism.  A woman from the UK, Two young boys from Alberta, A man from Toronto and a Lady from Germany.  All knew of Terry and all had a reflection of his contribution.
  I guess we will see were her blog assignment will take us but so far it took us to Vancouver and started a dialogue about a Canadian who wanted to raise money to fight a disease and became an International symbol for the fight against cancer.

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