Friday, May 25, 2012

In Russia Blog Reads YOU!

Numba 3 in the series of Blogs following the Blog of Mrs. McDonald.  Before I started on this chapter of the blog I noticed that I have gone global, my blog was read in Russia.  So I have gone world wide!  Take that Pitbull!  I am now Mr. Worldwide!

Mrs. McDonald is sitting across from me staring at her laptop as if the balance of world powers lie in her finishing her first blog.
To quote her "F&#K OFF!!!"

As well I have the tall one behind me yattering on about something to do with Sleep, Russia, zombies and blogs.  Not sure if Zombies write blogs and what they write about but I am sure to follow along.  If not for me but for my friend LifeCoach T.

Well I have been told that formatting isn't everything but it is.  Whatever that might mean.  When I get the chance I am going to start posting pics of the blog process and places I have been.

Now part 2 of the Blog Process

In my current job, I get to travel the world a whole lot.  Germany, Alaska, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Bahamas etc.  One of the perks of this traveling is I LOVE FOOD!  Hamburg Germany was a gastro flashback for me.  Having spent four years of my youth in Germany, most of the food wasn't foreign to me.  One of my favourite places to visit is Luculles on the Reeperbahn.  What a great place to go for brats, currywurst or frigadela after touring the Reeperbahn and sampling Applecorn and local beers.  If you ever go to Hamburg check out this street.  Originally made famous for the Beetles and the start of there career it is now more known for the redlight district that populates the surrounding area.  So if in Hamburg, you will undoubtedly come across the redlight district and Luculles.  Oh and Hookers.  LOTS and LOTS of Hookers.  Not to worry though they speak English and let every one of their co-workers know it.  Not that this has anything to do with the food, just trying to paint the picture for you.  Well I guess that is the first of the Food installments.  Don't want to spoil your dinner to much

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