Sunday, June 3, 2012

5: The Toaster Continuum

"Your Mom wants to know if you want her toaster oven?"

  A gloomy Saturday morning finds our Heroes on there way to Kelowna to deal with Mrs. McDonalds Grandmothers will.  Just so there isn't any confusion, Her Grandmother is alive and kicking, however most of her family is crazy so it was a necessary trip.    Kelowna is one of those trips that seems close and far at the same time.  Roughly 700 Km ( about 430 Miles).  We launched our trip around 8 in the morning, after a few little things to get done, like coffee and gas we were off.

  Stopped for Coffee at the Timmies in Abbotsford, no this isn't the food section of my blog but it is coming and it is YUMMY, and starred at a collection of exotic cars.  Ferraris, Porsche, Mazaratis and a BMW.  Yup one singular BMW.  We passed them a few times, they passed us a few times.  Good thing the RCMP weren't out in force. Well for them, anyways.  We jumped in line for a bit with them.  150 - 160 KM/Hr (100 MpH).  It was a nice day up in the mountains so worth the drive.  Not sure where we would put the toaster oven.

  Getting in to Kelowna my lovely travel companion, Android Navigator, made short work of telling me how to get where I was going with several U-turns.  Made to Great Grans no problem.

  After a lengthy chat with the Grandma, Mrs McDonald and her Granny were off to the bank to deal with banking stuff and I went for a walk.  Really didn't feel the need to go to the bank.  Across from the apartment complex were she lived was the topic and destination of "Food".  "Maybe if we put the Toaster oven on top of the Microwave?"  So I wondered over to this beacon of food glory.  Valoroso Foods in Kelowna is an Italy food / deli store.

  Just walking in to Valoroso you are over taken by the rich aromas of this Italian market.  You quickly realize that Italians use Balsamic like we use Frank's Red Hot sauce, they put that shit on everything.  They even have a Balsamic on Ice Cream.  Balsamic is good but not sure if it's Ice Cream good.  After wondering around and wishing I had brought along a cooler for the trip home.  So So Many good things for my belly.  Meats, cheeses, pastas, breads, did I mention Balsamic?  Oh and Espresso Machines.  $1500 and up.  Thats alot of money for a little cup of coffee.   Besides, if we bought an Espresso Machine were would we put the Toaster Oven?  When you enter the store they sort of horseshoe you from one end to the other, making the best use of the space.  However to leave, you pass right by the prepared food deli counter.  You can quickly see why Italians are happy.  Different sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, deserts and little appy things.  YUM.  After my eyes soaked up all of the delights in this counter I decided upon a little Pizza Sandwich.  I figured by the time Mrs. McDonald was done at the bank I could bring her back and I could double dip on the experience.  This sandwich was amazing, probably the best sandwich I have ever had.  Well one of anyways, I remember a sandwich I had in Stewart BC but that's another blog.  The bread was almost pizza dough like but made into bread and cooked with a marinara sauce on it.  Inside was a yummy yummy salami and some cheese that can only be described as melted deliciousness.  I only wish I had remembered to ask what kind of cheese it was and buy it all up.  The sandwich also had the panini treatment to warm it up.    I sat outside and soaked up the sun with my new found edible friend and a bottle of Orangina orange soda.  I was so happy with the decision to double dip this place.  So after enjoying the sun and the oh so yummy sandwich I wondered around Kelowna building up my appetite to revisit Valorosos.

  A return to the apartment building for the signing of the wills.  7 copies, don't want it to be said that Mrs. McDonald and her Grandma are not thorough.  Having to find two witness' that know her grandmother and as well know who they are was a small task.  Oh and be able to sign there own name.  I can't wait to be old.  A couple of the residents were enjoying the being old part.  "There is a J in my name, I don't like signing J can I use a Z?"
"Well how do you normaly sign your name?"


"so the J is ......"

Well that was quickly finished and we said our goodbyes and headed over to Valorosos.  Man that place smells sooooo good.

I thought that I would try something different this time but I so could not manage.  I once again got the Pizza Sandwich.  Mrs. McDonald got a Potato wrap.  Shredded potatoes, fresh basil, tomatoes in a wrap.  As well we got a couple Ascolona Olives.  Meat filled, deep fried yum.  To finish off our Italian dinner, Cannolis.  Not sure why I haven't had these before.  Well if I did have them before, whomever made them butchered them.  These cheese filled creations are and awsome use of the cheese family.  Mrs McDonald sampled my Pizza Sandwich, she quickly realized as good as her wrap was it paled in comparison to the Pizza Sandwich.

Well it was time to head back to the coast.  "Well I guess since we don't really have a spot for the Toaster Oven, we shouldn't take it."

The trip home was brainstorming on how to recreate the Ascolona Olives.  Listening to old country and enjoying the trip.  A quick nap in Merrit before hitting the last stretch however was probably not the best of ideas, well that and the Extra Large Tim Hortons Coffee.  It was just enough of a recharge to allow us to be suckered in to night at Gabbys by one of my Best Friends and her boyfriend.  Bar stories are bar stories so not much to add in my blog.

Anyways, I have tried to re-create the Olives with some success.

I will be trying them again soon at which time I will create a blog worthy recipe. Oh!, and we are heading to Ikea to buy a new cabinet for the Toaster Oven!


The Worlds Best Pizza Sandwich.

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