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Blog 7 (not of 9)

  I wanted to call this blog 7 of 9 but then thought people would think I was only doing 9 all together and not get the Star Trek Reference.  Or expect an entire Blog on great cyborg Artificial Chests.
  Well, I guess that's it for this blog, like really, a picture of 7 of 9 what more do I need.

  Ah, but now on to the writing task at hand.  It is another overcast Saturday and we find ourselves once again sitting at the kitchen table with our protagonist.  Mrs. McDonald is sitting doing a last minute attempt at writing a paper.  It is actually a weird thing to sit and watch.  Of all the papers, thesis, homework etc.  Mrs. McDonald has been pretty much on top of each assignment.  This one, however, not so much.  I think it might have to do with the subject matter, Anne of Green Gables, not being very challenging.  Well on the surface.  Maude Montgomery touched on many subjects that where rather taboo at the time, some of which may even raise an eye today.  The height of the suffrage movement, women not yet having the right to vote, racism and the book it seems was very political.  It is nice to know though that my ancestors were thought highly of.  Those Irish and Scotsmen could sure work.  Okay made that part up just to see if Mrs. McDonald reads this.
  If you have ever read Anne, or followed the CBC tv show, you know she was a little bit of a trouble maker.  I just hope that Mrs. McDonald does well.

  I was going to write in this blog more about my trip to Mexico and the food and the sun and my running in to Mrs Crys, however, a few things have sparked me to write about my little trip to Key West.

  Now one of my goals when I travel the world for my job is to eat somewhere interesting.  In this case I knew in advance I was heading to Key West.  So I used my favourite tool and "Googled that Shit!".  I wanted to find a place worth eating at and a place worth writing about.  This place was actually the first place I have ever gone to eat with the specific goal of writing about it.  So one would think it should have been the first blog!  Nope, wanted to work on my writing skills a little first.

  Key West is a town on the southern most reach of Florida, it is in a chain of islands and the best way to get there is by boat.  Few cars and a crumbly and eclectic architecture, Key West just makes you want to write and drink.  I guess that's why Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffet both love the place so much.  Surrounded by beaches, water and lime trees the menus reflect of the island reflect whats easily at hand.
  The island is home to the first of the Jimmy Buffet's Margaritavilles- so would make sense that this is where I went.  BUT NO!  That is too predictable and too cliche!  As well way too many tourists.  Hate people.
  My destination, Blue Heaven.  A little restaurant hidden in the heart of Key West.  The day I arrived was probably one of the wettest days of anywhere I have ever been and I lived on the north end of Vancouver Island!  However, I was not to be dissuaded from my pursuit.   It was raining so hard that the roads were flowing like rivers.  So, with my Disney poncho in hand I headed in.  I knew the address of my destination, however, I did not know the town, and being Canadian I was not about to pay for the roaming charges to use my data on my phone to GPS it.
  The town on first glance has the same trappings as every other cruise ship port.  Diamonds, Emeralds, more Tanzanite than you can shake a stick at, colour changing t-shirts, and bamboo clothing!  The mainstay of the cruiseship industry!  Once you get past the initial trappings you find a little more of the island life that people come to Key West for.  Most of the houses look like the were painted with Home Depot miss-tints. Sure when the trend first started back in the day I am sure it looked artistic and whimsical.  Now it looks a little purposeful and forced.  Don't get me wrong, the town looks old- just looks looked after old.  So after wandering around, critiquing the architectural whimsy of this southern Florida town, I finally found my destination:  The Blue Heaven.  Now this place is old, looks old, and has a great old story behind it.  From pool hall to bordello, ice cream parlour to cock fights, as well as a favourite hang out of Ernest Hemingway.  Interesting side note.  The man got around.  I have been to more places that say "Ernest was here"  than I would think possible.  Anyways...  The place is eye candy.  My fav kind.  So I take my soaken ass into this place and sit down at the bar.  What I did not know was that this place closed at one, good thing I got there at 12:45!
  Even though the staff was really interested in getting off work and home, it was after all Super Bowl Sunday.  Hmm Maybe should have mentioned that earlier, well would have if plot had anything to do with blogging!
  Damn it! okay, definition time ....  Love when you stop the blogging process because you really like a line and test it with Mrs McDonald and she doesn't get an inconsequential reference.

Something purely aesthetically pleasing, that is, pleasing to the senses. Can be a person, a film, a sunset, a flower, or anything else you can see.

Thank you Urban Dictionary!

  Anyways now back to the previously interrupted episode.  Going into to Blue Heaven I was already aware of the menu and what to order.   Lobster Benedict and Key Lime Pie!  Yup that's what I wanted and that's what I got!  Another interesting fact.  Baileys Irish Cream, not that well known in Key West.  So I had to settle for Kahlua and Coffee.  Not as good that's for sure.  Anyways, the Lobster Benedict was something I wish I had stumbled upon opposed to knowing well in advance that this is what I wanted.  It was good, however, remember closing time.. well the lobster tasted forgotten and washed out.  The hollandaise sauce was yummy, but isn't it always.  Well what separates this from others was the twist of lime used instead of lemon.  Lime over lemon in my books.  So that saved the whole meal.  Lobster by default is not the best thing in the world.  In this case it tasted like it had been sitting in warm water for too long,  Most of the flavour was washed away. The Key Lime pie, well now that is what saved the adventure.  A big delicious serving of glowing green yummy.  I am not sure what is different about a key lime to say a regular Florida lime but I certainly like it.  The pie was one of those "Mile High" variety.  That of course makes all things dessert better.
  All in all this is a place I would for sure visit again.  The building it self speaks of the history of the island and surrounding area.  Key West is just 70 Miles from Cuba, so the influence of the Cuban People as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis is evident all around.  This place taught me to lower my expectations and be less Foody.  I think I went in wanting more than the food is even capable of delivering.  Hopefully I get another shot at the food.

  As always, please feel free to comment and follow me!

My Lovely Breakfast at the "Blue Heaven" 

Yum Yum Yum Key Lime Pie!

The "Blue Heaven"  Note the rain.  It was raining really really hard that day.  Although it was still really warm.

The remnants of a US Navy base.  

See the Weather SUCKED!

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