Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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  Not having written in a little bit, thought maybe now way time to put pads to keyboard.
  Mrs. McDonald has just finished up on her latest class.  The one that actually inspired this blog.  The whole class was on heroes.  A pretty good subject.  Who are viewed as heroes and why, who are your heroes and why.  As the class developed she always knew she wanted to write about Captain Trevor Greene.  Captain Greene was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan.  He received a blow to the head with an ax while in a meeting with tribal elders.  He should have died that day. He is now on the slow road to recovery. Having to basically having to learn to walk and talk all over again Trevor has made several gains in his recovery.
  Following Mrs. McDonald on the research path is always interesting.  One it opens my eyes and educates me a little.  She doesn't know it by I talk about her research all the time.  She thinks I don't listen.  But I do.  The strides this man has made is inspiring.  He married his long time fiance after the accident.   It was his goal to be able to stand at the alter.  They are now expecting there second child, his is an activist for the environment and veterans.  Not to shabby.  The term Hero is a interesting word.  Hero is self defined.  My Hero is not always your hero.  while some heroes are universally agreed.  Superman for instance,  Hero.
  If you ever get the chance,  Google Trevor Greene and read up on him.  Inspiring, for sure.  Go in with an open mind.  He was part of the Canadian Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan.  Helping rebuild roads, schools, shops, electricity etc.  A Peace Keeper.  While sitting down over tea and discussing how to help the village He was hit.  It is a rather inspiring road to recovery and the battles and fights he still takes on are as equally inspiring.

**** Never did finish this one, it has been sitting in the Cloud for two years.  Not sure what is was waiting for.  Mrs. McDonald has now moved on to a Leadership course at TWU, still chasing that degree.  14 months from now she will have TWO!  The war in Afghanistan is officially over for Canada but for the Men and Women of the Canadian Armed Forces it still goes on in there dreams and nightmares.  Hearts out to them, they gave theirs to the Afgan people.

In August I will be writing a entry on the Canadian Afghan Vigil being held in Vancouver.  Not to be missed.

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